Engineers at Blue Wing are responsible for the design and development of wireless communications systems including two-way radio system design; traffic loading; point-to-point path analysis; network design; system security; data systems; regulatory issues; physical facilities (radio towers, shelters, grounding, power systems, etc.); console design; AVL; mobile data; paging; and computer aided dispatch.

Engineers are also responsible for writing reports and specifications; conducting interviews and facility surveys; estimating budgetary costs, evaluating vendor proposals; and providing recommendations to clients. They coordinate all technical activities related to assignments. They also interpret technologies for clients, translating technical considerations into operational impact, and provide written correspondence and oral presentations to clients. Technical oversight of contractor work includes reviewing designs; completing change requests; scheduling installation and test plans, cutover plans, training plans; keeping invoices, etc. Finally, engineers inspect completed work, witness tests and approve contractor work.


Engineers must be self starters who are able to understand the intent of complex projects and must be able to manage multiple projects and manage daily issues without supervision.


Job Requirements:

  • BSEE, BSET, BS/Physics or Bachelor's Degree with P.E. Preferably MSEE, MS/Physics in Engineering or Physics
  • Five years experience in engineering, at least three years of which are in design or implementation of two-way radio, telecommunications, mobile data or other related communications systems
  • Proficient programming skills


Project Managers
Project Managers at Blue Wing conduct the management and oversight of radio system design and life cycle management. These responsibilities may include the management of needs assessment; functional specifications; procurement; implementation; system testing and acceptance; and configuration management.

Project Managers must be self starters who are able to understand the objectives of complex projects and must be able to manage daily issues without supervision.


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification
  • Five years in project management function or engineering function level of wireless communications systems. Must be computer literate—able to operate a PC using MS Word, Excel and Access, and capable of learning other applicable software applications.
  • Strong interaction skills
  • Ability to understand and interpret client requirements and requests
  • Ability to prepare written reports and oral presentations
  • Strong business skills with the ability to prepare business plans, project plans and strong business understanding as it relates to project management
  • Communication skills: Ability to effectively interface with clients in written word and in person
  • Must have a solid understanding of engineering economics