Blue Wing began in the late 1980s with ventures in the construction and operations of broadcast systems. In the 1990s, Blue Wing expanded its involvement in the wireless communications business to include two-way radio system consulting, communications site development and radio market research. The core focus in all areas surrounding radio continued to grow, until in 1996, Blue Wing officially incorporated. Since 1996, Blue Wing has been active in the wireless communications business in a wide range of capacities primarily focused on consulting and site development. In 2005, Blue Wing divided into two entities, Blue Wing Aerial focused on site development and management and Blue Wing Services focused on communications consulting services.


Blue Wing has been performing wireless communications design and consultation for clients for more than 15 years with a core focus on mission-critical markets. The staff, who represents more than 100 years of wireless communications experience, has applied the firm’s Operations. Engineered.TM approach successfully to numerous clients. The staff provides a wide range of services for the wireless market, including operational needs review, system governance and procedures, fleet mapping, training, system specification development, radio system design, system and product procurement, site zoning and construction, project engineering, project management, technical support, site acquisition, radio products business development, marketing and product analysis, and general management consulting. The firm’s clients include mission-critical organizations, two-way radio wireless manufacturers, PCS operators and radio broadcast operations.


Blue Wing’s background in mission-critical communications is extensive. The company’s staff has consulted in a wide range of capacities in projects ranging in size from small municipal systems to statewide systems. Blue Wing personnel become the core resource for projects in which the company is engaged. The Blue Wing team has years of experience in the wireless industry, a strong understanding of mission-critical operations and a proven track record within the mission-critical community. Blue Wing’s team provides a core group of industry-proven consultants who have experience working in various roles within mission-critical operations – operator, user and vendor/manufacturer.


Blue Wing has numerous past and current mission-critical clients that operate a variety of radio systems utilizing various manufacturers and technologies. In addition, the company is frequently asked to recommend and evaluate communications solutions and has a strong understanding of the latest product advances and operational benefits. Because of the involvement and monitoring of various processes and organizations, including Project 25 and TETRA standards development, Blue Wing understands the future direction of mission-critical communications technology. The Blue Wing team is capable of providing most all project services. If a project demands specialty needs beyond the staff’s individual skill sets, Blue Wing will partner with or offer the services of additional firms that provide technical or specialty engineering services. This brings the most effective resources to successfully complete a project.


Blue Wing always strives to provide the right solution to its clients. Although Blue Wing may not always agree with a client, the firm always puts the client’s interests first. Blue Wing has an outstanding track record within the industry and prides itself on exceeding the expectations of its project clients. In fact, most project clients retain Blue Wing for their continuing wireless consulting needs.
The company always attempts to provide flexible, customer first, best-in-class services and resources at a competitive cost. Blue Wing management understands that each project is unique, with varying goals and individual preferences that must be addressed through effective project procedures. Blue Wing’s policy is to remain flexible and understand the varying dynamics of a project, while keeping the project goals in sight.