Operations. Engineered.
Blue Wing staff approaches systems pragmatically and always keeps the operational goal in focus. The company’s approach to consulting is to always understand clients’ operations, objectives and intent. After the operational goal is understood, the company secures technology that meets the objectives of the project. The Blue Wing team then provides strong management methodology to bring the solution to fruition. Blue Wing approaches technology needs and analyses from an operational perspective. The company’s model is to understand the operational needs of the client, then provide technical analyses and solution recommendations that fit the need – Operations. Engineered.TM The firm’s staff does not attempt to seek out the latest, greatest technology and make it fit the client’s operations to justify the technology. Blue Wing believes the system needs and operational processes should drive the technology solution.

Blue Wing breaks most new projects into a 6-step life-cycle process for radio system development and ongoing management. Those life-cycle steps are:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Operational and Functional Specifications
  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • System Test and Acceptance
  • Configuration Management


Blue Wing has been performing and refining the 6-step life-cycle process for various clients for more than 15 years. The company has successfully applied the process to many clients of various sizes – cities, counties and states. Although the company applies a similar process to each project, it understands that each client is unique and molds its process to best work within the environment of the client.

Blue Wing’s core knowledge is centered on radio communications consulting, primarily in the area of mission-critical communications. Blue Wing breaks its core competencies into the following areas:

Operational Consulting

Blue Wing’s core focus is to clearly understand the operational needs of its clients. This approach is the foundation to delivering the goals of the client. Blue Wing staff starts with basic questions, such as “Who needs to talk to whom and where?” and expand to more complicated operations issues that drive unique features and functions. Throughout the needs analysis, the company’s staff brings a big-picture perspective to identify methods that might be preferable to current operations and allow the client to operate more effectively. Blue Wing staff refines and expand the needs analysis into other critical operations areas, including system governance and planning requirements, fleet mapping and system operations, dispatch operations and training. In summary, Blue Wing feels the key to good system design is to have operational objectives drive system design.

Project Management

Blue Wing's project approach is to plan and implement work using a disciplined project management methodology that follows the well-developed outline from the global Project Management Institute (PMI). Blue Wing’s business ethos is designed to provide clients with real, accurate and up-to-date project metrics at any given time. The firm’s project approach answers key questions such as cost, progress to date and completion date, with a high level of accuracy. Blue Wing strongly believes that this certified and structured approach sets the firm apart from other consultants and provides the greatest value to clients. Project Management oversees process and project management, business planning, request for proposals/information (RFP/RFI) development, system procurement management, system installation, integration, and optimization and configuration management. As the company’s staff works on projects, its clients consistently find Blue Wing’s approach and planning to be extremely accurate, valuable and reliable.

Engineering Services

Blue Wing's core competency is radio system design. The firm’s staff has worked on a full range of systems from low-band VHF radio systems to 23 GHz microwave systems and from single-site to statewide networks. All systems have the same basic technical needs of system design coverage, interconnectivity, capacity, and features and functions. Blue Wing employees have the technical ability to design systems from the ground up or to review existing components and integrate them as needed into a system. The firm has worked extensively in the following technical areas of radio system development: voice and data; CAD and console integration; propagation and coverage; traffic and capacity design; microwave path design; communications site development; and spectrum acquisition and licensing.